Friday, October 21, 2011

OBSESS(ion): (MAR)g(NI)ficent

1) The state of being obsessed with someone or something.
2) An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind.
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That's how I am with MARNI!
Consuelo Castiglioni ~~ the key creative person who's been driving this fashion house of ultimate STYLE & all-things-MODERN!

The eclectic range of PRINTS, TEXTURE & FABRIC are the main reasons why women of all races, sizes and ages are investing themselves to this label.  Marni has only been around since 1994 and her success is apparent - fashion editors, stylists and creative people all over the world have at least a piece of Marni in hand.

Yoshiko Okura | Fashion Stylist of Elle China
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Meg Grey | Fashion Editor of Vogue Australia
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Lucinda Chambers | Fashion Director of British Vogue
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MARNI = quality + comfort + timelessness + QUIRKINESS
That is the FORMULA!!!
When you think "Marni" - it doesn't dawn on many people that it's an Italian fashion house, perhaps it's due to the QUIRKINESS of the fashion house's creation season after season.  Italian isn't exactly synonymous to this vocabulary because as a nation and an aesthetic, the Italians are more widely known for their PASSION and SEXINESS.
As for a Marni woman, she's the antidote of that stereotype - you'll never see her adorned in skin-tight-body-hugging silhouette or appear to be outrightly sexy!  Instead, she's a SILENT KILLER - she prefers PRINTS & TEXTURE - she goes for dresses, blouses and jackets that are cut in silhouettes that are typically more boxy or linear.

FW '05       ;        SS '07          ;       SS '08         ;       FW '09

FW '10      ;      Pre-FW '11       ;     FW '11        ;      SS '12
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These qualities are crucial - the transformation of a normal girl into a Marni woman is a spectacular one because she embodies STYLE & PERSONALITY - which ultimately makes her (MARNI)QUE!

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